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As spoken of in Creole folklore, a manchild of human origin, believed to carry mystical powers. Often times over looked by individuals as being a normal person, this being is a combination of pure energy and raw emotion! He is highly intelligent and is believed to have been born to a virgin. While still a child he was cursed with the ability to foresee future events and has the remarkable habit of disappearing. It is said he will one day rise as leader to battle the evils that plauge his people.
Guy : You seen Dameon?

Girl : Yeah, he was just right there....!

Guy : Stop playing...I'm for real!

Girl : Seriously, he just told me you was about to come

over here and ask me that!

Guy: So where'd he go then?

Girl: I dont know...he probably somewhere gettin it in..!
by E-Lo-Him February 03, 2010
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Savage,pretty fucken awesome , and has a funny personality,he's stronger than he looks , a great kisser and has a ginormous dick,he's practically is a intense gamer, and he doesn't like being left out,he rarely cry's and he's beat anybody's ass , and he likes comedy movies , and is amazing at sex,he can be mature at serious time s , and anyone he dates he will love them till the end.
Rebecca:OMG is that dameon he is so hot

Jessie: hey I already called dibs
by Deathiside August 23, 2017
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A large or irrepressible force that has somehow taken matrial form.Often found near natural disasters, and hence worshipped by the Aztecs as gods, pronounced "Oh!Shititsawme".

Some famous historical incarnations of Dameons include:
Chuck Norris
The meteorite the killed the dinosaurs
Carcharodon megalodon
Witness:We tried to annex the next village, but a dameon struck. Nobody made it out alive.



Skeptic:You are an idiot
by Dangerous Diver Dan October 03, 2009
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A shy, but badass guy. He is a great boyfriend, even though he can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
Serina:Hey did you se Dameon today?
Emma:Yeah, i wish i was his girlfriend
Serina:Yeah,me too.
Emma: He is so sexy but has a sweet side to him...
by HappyRedhead June 06, 2018
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A savage,and d*** is large and most have bonded hair
Damn is that dameon over there

I think it is bro he's savage
by Deathiside August 12, 2017
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The most retarded fucking Mexican you can ever find, hes just fucking retarded
by Ibeatmymeatlikechrisbrownswife November 27, 2018
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