A person who lives in the Hamptons, misspells the word hamster, and justifies the error by announcing they are entitled to add a P to it as a privilege they get from living there.
The gripter Hilaria Baldwin says, "We are in the HamPtons... therefore my hamsters could possibly be hamPsters."
by lonestargogo September 2, 2021
'Wanna play with the hampster? Supposebly I ain't goin' to school, and that.'
by noelle October 14, 2003
The retarded way to spell hamster. There's no "p" in hamster. Kthnxbai.
Gal: "Aww. Look at the little hampster running on her wheel"
Guy: "Umm..."
by Yams September 9, 2006
what sound do hampster's make?
by hardxcunt July 12, 2006
Grew up a hippie, and is now a gangster.

A gun carrying mofo thats eats tofu.

Acts like a gangster but is a hippie inside.

Likes the grateful dead and dead prez.

All about anarchy and anger but inside, nothin but peace and love.
Hangs out with criminals, but she grew up with a bunch of long hair hippies. That bitch is straight hampster style.

That hampster boy over there actin all hard when he don't even eat meat.
by moodyEvil beaatch October 22, 2009
As if that hampster dont have dough...that white belt is so Gucci!
by flamingbeads October 20, 2005