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When someone, usually a girl, rubs her hands through your hair affectionately.
See also: hair fetish.
"I heard that you and Julia went out again last night. How'd that go?"
"Pretty awkward. She gave me more of that hair action. I think she's got some kind of obsession with curls."
by Yams February 19, 2010
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One of two names the early settlers of Rhode Island considered naming it. According to Family Guy anyway.
So what do we call this state? Lets flip. Heads, Rhode Island. Tails... Cockapoopoopeepeeshire.
by Yams January 22, 2008
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Better known as the Nintendo GameCube. After all, it sorta looks like one. Really though what was Nintendo thinking?
"Hey, I just got Super Smash Bros Melee for the purple lunchbox!"
by Yams November 24, 2007
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Shorthand for giving something a five-star rating, usually typed through chatrooms.
Person 1: hey check out my new ytmnd, man.
Person 2: Awesomeness. Totally 5*d.
Person 1: thanks dude. :)
by Yams August 29, 2007
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Quite possibly the worst way to describe your computer's screen.

Originates from GameFAQs' Random Insanity board, where a Staples employee tells the story of a moronic woman who understands nothing about computers.
Kloo Shanko: "Ma'am, the operating system doesn't affect the size of the screen."
Customer: "But it has Windows Vista!"
Kloo Shanko: "Like I said, that doesn't affect anything, ma'am."
by Yams August 2, 2007
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A mocking nickname given to the website 4chan by those who generally hate it.
Person 1: lets get us some moar bread pr0n lulz!
Person 2: You sir are proof that 4crap is the cancer of the Internet.
by Yams August 19, 2007
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More special than special.
"After spending my third year at summer school I finally realized how speecial I am."
by Yams April 8, 2008
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