A sexual endeavor that requires two couples to complete a "Bombs bursting in Air" and facing one another with the women making out (A Bombs Bursting in Air is where a female is in the reverse cowgirl position while the man is standing up holding her hands to support her with her legs around him to hold herself up). If done correctly, the men should be able to roll a matchbox car back and forth over the bridge.
"Oh man, my car totally crashed when Julie twisted while we were doing the suspension bridge"
by The Creative Minds February 14, 2008
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When you have a big poop, and it lands sideways in the toilet, so it suspends the water like a bridge, spanning from one side of the bowl to the other. Upon flushing, the water will just sink beneath it, going down the pipe, and fill beneath the newly constructed "bridge". (The only way to flush a "suspension bridge" is to chop it up with a plunger).
"Man, I haven't taken a dump in 4 days. I totally just took one and made a giant suspension bridge."
by Richalex May 1, 2006
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The suspension bridge effect happens when a person crosses a suspension bridge and he sees someone of the opposite sex. his fear of falling down causes his heart to pound. He then mistakes that for the heart-pounding feeling felt when falling in love with the opposite sex.

In short, when the other party is in a state of fright and he see you, he will fall in love with you.

Psychologically it would work, but probably not in practice
Joyce: Scooter, I love you!

Scooter: Stop shaking the bridge

Joyce: be careful, your gonna fall. your gonna fall!

Ramantha: You know, The "suspension bridge effect" really works! i tried it last time.

Hanna: Yeah! I've heard about that! Thats the way to go about confessing right?

Ramantha: Sure is! How do you think i got Moe to start going out with me?

by Yesnik Drappehs September 7, 2008
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When you're in the tropics under a mosquito net, and your buddy climbs above you and drops a deuce on top of the net. If the net sags enough under the weight to allow the deuce to rest on you, its a mexican suspension bridge...if it doesn't then its just a suspension bridge - and if they've got the runs from some sketchy food eaten prior, and if it just pours through the holes in the net, than it is an Indonesian suspension bridge.
It was horrible. I had finally gotten to sleep in the intense humid air when my buddy gave me a Mexican suspension bridge.
by grovelerdan January 9, 2009
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A sex position with two girls and one guy. The girl is laying flat, as if on her belly, but is held in the air by the two guys. The girl's arms and legs are extended straight and each guy holds her with one arm in front one arm in back to show the span of the suspension. The road (the girl) then gets fucked from behind and gives head up front. TADA!
Just picture it, The Suspension Bridge (The Golden Gate) beautiful and shining as the cars plow down the road.
by mildlyaphasic January 31, 2009
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