Someone with a presence or talent that brings people to a halt; to stop or stand motionless.
Can you believe that halter? The room was wild til he started rappin. Everyone got quiet and stared in amazement!
by blamea July 17, 2008
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I saw her halter through her transparent t-shirt.
by Lejszi October 26, 2008
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Haltered. To be stopped mid-project in order to make unscheduled internal amends or changes. The act of being 'Halted' and 'Altered' all at once.
"I was about to send out those designs but got Haltered - so they won't go out tonight."
by Hollywood-Myth April 8, 2014
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A female top, tied around the neck is considered a halter top.
"Look Bubby, Meena made a halter top out of a trash bag."
by Bubby May 8, 2005
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Excess flab that spills over from the underarm as a result of wearing an overly tight halter or tube top.
"that girl should not be wearing that halter top, she has halter handles!"
"but kevin likes girls who have halter handles!"
by kevinlikeshh August 13, 2009
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A rouge;one likely to be hanged.
The theif was a stupid wag-halter
by anon. December 21, 2003
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(f.) The act of one tucking their breasts into their pants rather than wearing a shirt ( or bra) for concealment (i.e. "south of the border"). Gender opposite to the "Canadian Belt Buckle".

In Nederland: Duitse halter bovenkant (German Halter top)
In Deutschland: Italienische Halfter-Spitze (Italian halter top)
Buelah was a special woman! One with a little stretch in both her spandex and her flap jacks. She made her fortune as the designer and spokesmodel for the Mexican halter top. ¡En tiendas hoy, arriba! La cumbre de cabestro mejicana.
by Mr. Jabbers January 20, 2012
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