Area in Great Britain - England
Area in England - South London
England is South of The Border to Scotland

South London is South of The Border to the Wankers in North London.
by dannybutcher June 1, 2005
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A hotel chain, one of which is in South Carolina. It is rather tacky and is like a mini-Las Vegas, except Mexican themed. It's mascott, Pedro, is featured everywhere, including the many reminder signs you see before you reach the hotel. Some of the local teenagers enjoy driving out to these signs and using them for target practice. If you pass by any of these signs on the road, be sure to look for bullett holes in Pedro and/or the revolving sheep!
We should check-in at South of the Border so we can rest up for the rest of the drive to Florida.

Why does South of the Border have a rotating sombrero ride?
by Tori G. April 30, 2005
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VERB - A form of sex where the penetrating partner withdraws his/her penetrating device/organ/fingers, coats them in hot sauce (preferably a Mexican-made brand such as Tapatio), then reinserts. The penetrated partner then lets out a cry, along the lines of "Yaarrrrrrraaahaaa!"
A: "I just South of the Bordered this hot chick from Accounting, and she screamed like a marichi. Then she ran off like Speedy Gonzalez."
B: "That's a terrible stereotype."
by Mortimer L. Bard August 13, 2007
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1) To take a mexican shower

2) To wash your balls, dick, pussy, or butt hole while standing in front of the sink smell like you need a south of the border shower...go hit the gas station bathroom you chucky cheese in the face ass nigga
by lil franksta November 11, 2011
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When someone, especially a white male, shows a clear sexual preference for ladies of Hispanic origin, especially Mexican.
Dude, Jennifer Lopez is not that hot you just have South of the Border Syndrome.
by Danz Ferdinand August 11, 2007
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