Someone who has cronic death breath, sometimes uses it as a weapon. Captin halitosis is small and smells a lot.
theres a kid in my school called luke roberts and he likes to play with kitties, he has the most pungent smell emitting from his mouth.
so we all call him captin halitosis
by peedy dogg March 27, 2009
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the more scientific term referring to a Breath house, a male with breath which acts like acid on its victims, causing the watering of eyes and the prolonged decay of flesh. Halitosis houses also cause a degree of harm to themselves, which can lead to them decaying from the inside out, leading to even more severe bad breath, which serves to alienate them from the rest of civilized society. The breath smells like raw sewerage mixed with rotting flesh and dog chod.
Guy 1: geez, that guy's breath stinks of rotting zombie flesh
Guy 2: I know, William has had severe Halitosis for several years, due to an overconsumption of flesh and not enough toothpaste and mouth wash!
Guy 3: He is a Halitosis house, but his sister is peng bro, NGL
by Phil Mi Groin November 27, 2018
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Such as halitosis is for bad breath. This definition is used to define a horrible social mishap in which the yield is a terribly awkward silence and embarrassment as a result of said silence. Can be confused with word vomitting. Often used as a failed attempt of levity. Used in Say Anything's song on their new album named Say Anything- "She Won't Follow You."
(Amongst a group of females.)
Noble (male): "So what are you ladies doing this evening?

(Females): *Chatter Chatter*

Dick (Male that also joins the conversation.): "So what's up guys? I mean girls, you know because you guys are girls and have vaginas and such... (Pause) So what's up females?...

Noble (to crowd): "I can smell this guy's social halitosis from here."
by Socialistically Awkard November 4, 2009
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Common ins sports when one player attempts to keep another player from scoring screaming in the face of the player.
Holly shit! He knocked Bob out with the halitosis defence!
by exponentialhalitosis December 13, 2004
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Gandhi fasted so long that his frame was rather frail,

And when he eat the strangest fruits his breath was often stale,

He walked barefoot so hard his bottom squirt his diagnosis,

(He was a) Super callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.

-The Newfangled Four
by Random_doesn’t_equal_funny August 17, 2018
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Bad breath, usually caused by lack of brushing and flossing.
Sarah had halitosis at school because she didn't brush her teeth that morning.
by feesdanse May 7, 2011
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A term of Mouth disease made up by listerine to make more money on mouthwash and bot just a full household cleaning supplie.
People on new listerine add:
Couple: Let’s kiss
Husband: Ugh u smell disgusting, he says while walking away.
AD: Stop Bad Breath! (Halitosis)
by A Fucking Trump Hater October 1, 2020
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