Halitosis is when you have very bad breath.
Jesus, you have some bad fuckin halitosis
(chick) Your breath smells like ass! (nerd) sorry, i got halitosis causes by the bacteria on my toungue because i dont brush my teeth
by ImLaidEveryNight June 16, 2011
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Bad breath resulting from frequent cocksucking. Usually contains a hint of smagma and/or semen.
I hooked up with this chick Jaime last night but she had a bad case of phallic halitosis. Because of this, in lieu of foreplay I went straight to the Phoenix Dip to exacerbate her condition.
by -=Quickie=- April 9, 2008
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The heat you feel in a large room with a lot of people talking.
It was warm in that craft fair. A lot of halitosis heat going on in there.
by Timmysixgun November 9, 2019
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The condition in which an unkempt vagina emits an unpleasant odor. Mainly caused by lack of good hygiene.
I can't believe I went down on her yesterday. Her pussy smelled like morning breath. She definitely has some Vaginal Halitosis going on.
by smugglescoke July 16, 2018
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Just a fancy synonym for "fart".
Someone here in the elevator has some "anal halitosis!"
by Valhalla Norsemen October 1, 2013
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The effect someone gets when a person with bad breath is speaking to them. The condition is made worse if it involves being on a date. Indications are, weariness in the limbs, a blind stare, the worst being loss of consciousness.
Woman: "Where did you go right now? You seem completely out of it."

Man: "Well Miss, I am sorry to say this, but your breath put me under Halitosis Hypnosis, Gotta Run!"
by blumehauser October 15, 2009
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