A foulness and disttasteful odour eminating from ones mouth.
A geezer with a bad attitude called Paul Day
by ave-it April 11, 2003
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To sneak through a hallway on your tipee-toes without being caught.
' Man, Mike is one hell of a halitosis-er'
by Memnoch June 12, 2003
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smoking a marijuanna cigarette (see joint through ones anus.
Wow man, we just got so buzzed from an awesome halitosis session.
by crazy_arab July 4, 2003
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Stank-ass breath that makes you want to die. Commonly found in old people (particularly professors who drink too much coffee) and college students who don't brush their teeth and are prone to sucking too much cock.
Lordy, Bobby's halitosis was worse than usual today. He must've rolled straight in from that trick of his.
by CalvinistHobbs December 11, 2010
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Nasty breath that could knock a buzzard of a shit wagon.
My Boss has chronic halitosis. It stinks like your washroom does when you take a massive dump and then get your first look at it. In his case it is incurable.
by Maxwell Smartie June 28, 2009
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You know when you walk by the sewer and the most foul smell imaginable hits you? Now imagine someone's breath smelling like that. We call that halitosis, or otherwise known as yuckmouth. But have no fear! Halitosis can be cured by some good tooth paste and mouthwash.
When my aunt leaned in to talk to me, I nearly died because she has a terrible case of halitosis.
by SaltySusan May 4, 2021
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