Meat that comes from inhumanely killed animals in accordance with Islam. The process involves a single cut to the animals throat and as result the animal is left to bleed to death. Hygenic methods for preparing and keeping raw meat seem to be abandoned in most cases as the animal is blessed prior to slaughter and therefore appears to make it immune to any contamination. The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), which advises the government on how to avoid cruelty to livestock, called for Halal meat to be banned in 2003 because the way it is produced causes severe suffering to animals. This plea to bring an end to a cruel and archaic custom caused the Muslim community to argue that is wasn't about the meat but another excuse to attack their way of life and that Halal slaughter is a long established practice. Although hanging was a long established practice in Britain at one time it was banned because we all wish to move away from medieval barbarity and into the 21st century.
Halal meat comes from the inhumane slaughter of animals.

Muslim: 'This is just an another excuse to attack our way of life. This is a long established custom.'

'Oh right. Let's bring back hanging and beheading then, they were long established customs too.'
by jack.t.ripper March 21, 2007
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1. Any REAL pussy.
2. Any non-haram virgin muslim pussy.
3. Any clean, non-aids infested, with rose petals and shit, sterile pussy.
1. Yo, that shit was some halal pussy son.
2. Yo, that bitch is straight up some halal pussy son. Shit was wirgin tight.
3. I fucked some bitch last night that was some halal pussy. Word.
by sand_nigga January 24, 2005
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(Noun) A Muslim's penis. It is usually circomsized and hairy.
Also related to the Kosher Meat which is a Jewish penis.
Bob: What do you call a Muslim's penis?

Ahmet: Vat?

Bob: Halal Meat !

Ahmet: >:|
by Kn-og November 27, 2009
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This is what a Rachelle would call her co-creation of the Omni verse, soulverse & celestial heavens from the 2021 AD mid-point creation. It means " the bright light that came forth from God's love". She is a sacrosanct devine flame and has a vision of love for all with a eradication of evil from its core.
Me: I wonder if they know the celestial event we live on is called Halal Avavah or could even comprehend how creation and time coincide.... Or how much it hurt for that matter.... Literally and figuratively.

Messengers: Nah.... God works in mysterious ways.
Me. Well I love Him and I surely hope all the love that was put forth dissipates that which was evil ....or at least give forth great empathy and sacred flame lovers to all giving a reason for the dark to go to the light.
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Halal chad is an absolute unit on the basketball field. He drank so much milk that he turned into bones.
by The_man_behind_the_sex November 3, 2022
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Not having physical contact using Ramazan as an excuse, but having secret boyfriends and lying to your parents to meet them during ramazan.
Aisha is suffering from halal syndrome again. I wonder when she is going to come clean wit her parents.
by Twiggister March 27, 2018
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