If a Ahmet loves you he will never stop to. He is caring for those he likes and never lets them go. He could get pissed at times but he will never let you go. If he acts rude to his loved ones he will hate him self forever he will never want to let anyone down especially **************** ;)
“Ahmet the best boy” said Simon to Jeremy
by But hole lover June 18, 2019
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A sex machine that fucks any girl he sees. Also has a massive dick
by fuck a sheep October 14, 2018
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Ahmet is a good judge of character and curious to meet new people. Self-sacrificing for everyone, only not for himself. He’s charming, but needs to go to gym. As meekly as he seems, he can be the one who burns the ships when he feels let down. Ahmet cuts his relationship with those who disregard, humiliate and keep lie to him. Especially with ********* :/
Dude: Where did Ahmet go, haven’t heard of him for months?!?
Girl: Well, you better give him a ring to find it out!
by TinkeyWinkey January 19, 2020
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1) Ahmet is a Turkish name that usually used like Ahmed in Arabic Countries. 2) Means of this word is "Thanking God"
Ahmet works as a journalist in Istanbul, Turkey.
by ahmetkerim February 2, 2005
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A fucking monster with a massive dick and very strong. Very skilled in bed.
by Ur mum got laid by a sheep February 23, 2018
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Ahmet is a person who always has to deal with stupid people, which aren't abelo to pronounce his name the right way.
He also is a good football player and his coach used to tell him to act in a circus doing a skill show.
Ahmet is the proud boss of a dangerous biker-crew called 'Hells Angels'.
'Ahmet's a breathtaken freestyler.'
by kurdischerZiegenhirte January 4, 2017
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