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a far more amusing and original way of saying
allow. Used mainly among the white population of South London.
Person 1: That man is too fat to fit into the roller coaster, even with 3 people trying to push him into the car, lets laugh.

Person 2 (sympathizing with the fat man): .............Halal.............
by ka-jay-jay July 22, 2008
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Fredagsmys is pretty much the most holy tradition of Sweden. The word origins from two words; “fredag” and “mys”, which roughly translates to Friday and cozy. Every Friday, all Swedes drive by the supermarket to buy ingredients for taco, soda and chips. Then, they all sit down in their sofas with their families or friends and watch telly. Usually, the parents fall asleep after a few glasses of wine or beer while the kids stuff themselves with chips until they have a stomach ache.
Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
by popsicle power June 19, 2011
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Someone halal, means they follow the values of religion, particularly Islam. They’re like saints, they just do good. Not to be compared with halal food which is just the different way muslims eat they’re meat.
X: “OMG, Elias is literally so hot, and he’s halal too”
Y: “ gurll you gonna have to get him to meet your momma
by Lindadinda April 30, 2019
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1). Plant eating animals like goats, cows, chickens, lambs, e.t.c which are slaughtered in the Islamic way is called 'Halal' or 'Halal meat'.
2). Muslim peoples eat halal meat.
Do you have Halal food in this restaurant?
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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Person 1 - that food was really good!
Person 2 - yeah the food was bare halal
via giphy
by mo2trappy March 18, 2021
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An acronym for Having A Laugh At Life. It can be used in replace of lol, haha, lmao, rofl etc. It is more fun to say and shout out loud than the "lol".
Joe- "Sammy, color inside the lines or you will have to lick a girl's pussy."

Sammy- "Who's?"

Steve- "Oh, you know."

Joe- "Krystal's."

Kevin- "HALAL"
by kebonggg July 07, 2010
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