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the opposite of virgin, made up of the words were and virgin, because if your not a virgin then you were a virgin a long time ago so your a wirgin
shit mate have you ever had it off before, ive never seen you with a bird, course bruv im no virgin im a wirgin
by keirse July 12, 2010
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Someone who has never smoked weed.
Did you see Nick hit that bong last night.

Ya man if never seen him smoke before

Sweet hes no longer a wirgin
by Peace345 March 13, 2010
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dav: shut up hughie bean and go have a wank for urself

hughie bean: mumble mumble i have never wanked,,more mumbles..i wudnt even look at lily allen mumble

dav:your stil a wirgin?
by dav 47 July 14, 2009
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