The typical funny boy who wears a clown face mask , makes everybody laugh because inside his heart he feel lonely AF , loyal but highly insicure in love.
Luckily tonight there is daniele!
by Notdan March 21, 2020
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A absolutely wonderful girl that will make your heart melt because of her smile and cuteness. She tends to be a little taller than most girls but if you happen to run into a shorter one, they are the better breed of Daniele's. They have a good sense of humor, and can make your world such a brighter place. They tend to be shy at first but once that shell is cracked, they want to talk a lot. There is an abnormality between some Daniele's that they tend to be shy all the time, no matter how much you mean to them. But they are always going to be there for you when you need help, because they are a caring kind of people. They sometimes even have so much to talk about, they tend to be unable to talk about anything. If this happens, play cool and ask about something small first. If you love a Daniele and they love you, hang on for god's sake. They become the best thing that will ever happen in your love life, as they are excellent kissers, and are a monster in the bed. They always have a certain light to them, and that light will always be seen there.
Guy 1: "oh man, that Daniele is soooo cute!"
Guy 2: "i know, i wish she was my girl"
Guy 3: "haha, she is my girl, and thats always how it will be ;)"
by flabbyaxe August 29, 2019
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A famous male artist. One of eight children, and from a family very poor. A self taught man even though he quit school in sixth grade to work in order to help support his Mother and family. He is a common man and felt nobody is better or the same. Never accepted handouts or felt entitlement on any level. Never deceived or trapped anyone into a bad business deal. Well respected.
More times than not you can predict the future by looking at history. Based on Daniele's history it is safe to assume he will never steal, lie, or cheat.
by sociology101 August 18, 2011
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Daniele Is the most homofobic and racist Person you will ever meet, he also fight against lbgtq and any form of women right.
His favourite color Is freebossetti.
Daniele says #freebossetti #freeschettino #freepacciani
by Freebossetti November 22, 2021
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God Is My Judge.
The Italian for of the English name Daniel.
Someone who is naturally skilled in stealing
4 handles?! only Daniele could have gotten that many!
by dpn10cap May 25, 2011
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The stupid hoe at ur scoo the girl that won't stfu that had the most annoying voice and always says I lost my virginity or Ima give my bf top or I don't have parents when she just announced that it was her dads birthday
That bitch is such a Daniele
by Swagy shagy February 10, 2019
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by November 25, 2021
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