Refers to the act of or the result of masturbation in males also known as jizz or spunk.
Furthermore it can be used as an expression of excitement about a joyous event accompanied by a facial demonstration of satisfaction.
1. "There is halal all over the bed sheets."

2. "Halal! That's amazing."
by halal master February 25, 2009
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Non-genuine, fake, false, bullshit
If it is not kosher then it must be halal.
by Aisha Bakr May 4, 2014
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permissible, allowed according to Islamic Law, which is based on Holy Qur'an and Hadith (traditions of Prophet Muhammad). The opposite is Haram, or prohibited. May refer to food or actions.
1. Some Muslims eat Kosher food when a Halal option is not available.

2. There is disagreement among Muslim scholars as to whether music is halal or haram.
by El Oaxuco August 8, 2007
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Halal Man he is a good man no girls no simp. He s only with boys
U are 100% Halal man
by halal man 100 September 10, 2020
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A Canadian street gang and hip hop collective based in the Toronto neighborhood of Regent Park. The name stems from the preponderance of the group having Muslim origins with East African and Caribbean Canadian roots. Famous members include Smoke Dawg, Puffy L'z, Mustafa, SAFE, and MO-G.
Members of Halal Gang were arrested after a shooting at Jane and Finch last week.
by The man with an unknown name February 12, 2021
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Dubai’s biggest chamak and fuck boy. He calls himself halal even though he never prays once. He wears fake shit and thinks he is a hype beast. Tells everyone he is persian even though he is afghani. He roams mostly in dubai mall with his other friend khaloof rae (another chamak) and think they’re so cool. They flirt with 12 year olds and think they’re cool. He smokes drinks and acts big and listens to 21 savage

If you see him anywhere walk the other side he is very chamak
Omg halal papi is so ugly omg
by notachamak November 23, 2019
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Halal dating isn’t halal it’s haram and no you won’t go having sex/flirting before marage with dunya ya dumass
Guy1:I am dating dunya sheikh

Sheikh:halal dating isn’t a thing by the way don’t fucking come near my lil daughter or there will be consenquenses
by Jamescharlessuckedyourpp April 25, 2019
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