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All the stripper flashed us was a tad of snizz.
by Dick Dickson January 30, 2003
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SNIZZ has ONE definition
A slang word for a vagina

It is not used in a derogatory way like CUNT
but a cool trendy EXPLICIT slang word for vagina

it is more Explicit in meaning VAGINA
than these ( more polite ) words;
pussy, beaver, muff, Female crotch area

IT REPLACES and is equivalent to these words;
twat, snatch, box, gash, cooter, slit, clit, cooch, hole, poontang, minge, poon, vag, coochie, quim, bearded clam, taco, cunny, fish, snapper, fuckhole, meat, wallet, tampon socket, cooze, crack

it is misused as these words
bitch, whore, slut, fuck, sex, dick, asshole, shit, ass, cock, fanny, penis, skank, ho, fag, wanker, cum, ,goo, goonness, dumpster, cum, fish, bastard, idiot
It is the current word trendy slang that means vagina
and is used such as;
My snizz is dripping wet.
put a snuke in hilary's snizz (southpark)
jizz in her snizz
snizz slop
goo oozes from snizz
by Jamie Torres September 23, 2007
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the receptical for jizz
I shot my jizz into her snizz
by Ravenmaster31 April 25, 2003
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When you sneeze so hard you jizz. Or when you're masturbating and you sneeze, so your jizz goes everywhere.
Jacob was waking off when the cat walked by and he snizzed all over the bedset.
by Magda D June 22, 2009
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A derogatory usage or term for someone or something being bitchy, annoying, stupid, obnoxious, ignorant, etc.
Adjective: That was one snizzy old woman who wanted an 8pm reservation on a Saturday night.

Noun: That sniz just called AGAIN!

Verb: Stop snizzing around when you know we have NO reservations!
by snizzthebizz March 19, 2011
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