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Houston Police Department
"you know HPD can't catch me ridin dirty"

Chamillionaire, Ridin' Dirty (Remix)
by HaeZ June 18, 2006
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Histrionic Personality Disorder

A personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention seeking behavior, need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness.
I think my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend has HPD. Not even kidding.
by katie was here October 18, 2007
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It's when any number of HP manufactured equipment fails on a regular basis, and not any amount of service can correct the problem because nothing can fix an HP product.
Ray~"Did my print come out?"
John~"Half of it did..there other half is stuck in the tray."

(whoever is listening) "You got HP'd again"
by nohj February 03, 2004
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Literally "Head Push Down". After years of women feeling humiliated from receiving the "Iron Fist", they all joined together and rebelled - thus resulting in forcing cunnilingus onto their male partners.
Dave was appalled by the fact that Jane gave him the HPD, making him dive-roll off the bed.
by Snocap September 19, 2006
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