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Asian FOB’s (Fresh Off the Boat) primarily carry strong family values and are hard workers. They know the beauty and the importance of their culture and its ancestry.
But sometimes FOB’s fall victim to the worst ways of the American culture and life style rather than the good parts and become Americanized, thus losing their hard working nature, their selflessness, and their love for the traditional family values.

Once a FOB has been Americanized there is no turning back. ‘Selflessness’ becomes SELFISHNESS. The once beautiful ‘Hard Working Nature’ becomes laziness.

Traditional Family Values’ are often lost into the oblivion of desire for material wealth and the yearning to lose their “FOB-ness” through slang English words, listening to only American music, and disregarding the coolness of their cultural heritage.
Jenny Yoon: “That song by Ice Cube is off da hook!”
Delroy: “I’m glad you like Ice Cube and other Black music. But can you enlighten me about some Korean musicians and singers?”

Jenny Yoon: “Hell naw! I don’t listen to that ching-chong shit.”
Delroy: “Oh, I thought most Asians have an appreciation for their culture.”

Jenny Yoon: “Well, your Black culture is way cooler than mine. Hip Hop is gold, baby!”
Delroy: “Jenny, isn’t your real name Jung-hye Yoon?”

Jenny Yoon: “Yeah, but I changed my name to Jenny cuz it’s just easier. I’ve been in da states for like 3 years now.”

Delroy: “Oh, I see. So, you’re an Americanized Asian FOB. How many boyfriends have you had since you’ve been here?”

Jenny Yoon: “I lost count. I think I’ve had like 12 boyfriends.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity December 30, 2010
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A woman who is confident in her body and who does not give in to the pressures of the media, porn, or by other men and women to alter her body in any form or fashion.

She is a full fledged woman by all means of the term; her lips are natural, her breasts are real, and she has pubic hair. She does not feel the need to give herself fake breasts or butt implants. Her breasts are not enhanced to fulfill anyone else’s fantasy.

A natural woman has pubic hair on her pubic region the way nature intended. She is an adult woman; not a child with a five-year-old-looking vagina. She is proud by all the greatness that represents her natural state.

She ignores criticism by other people (Both men and women) for her to live up to the superficial expectations of constant reinforced imagery and persuasion of mainstream media and pornography that tell her she needs to alter her body to be sexy and attractive. In truth, through all her trials and tribulations, she is a natural and beautiful woman. She is truly a work of art.
Jonny: Dude, I made love to a beautiful woman last night.

Delroy: Oh really?

Jonny: Yep, she was different. She didn’t have fake breasts and she actually had pubic hair down below.

Delroy: Wow. She’s a Natural Woman – A rare gem these days. You can handle that, right?

Jonny: Of course. Real men appreciate natural women, so it’s not a problem at all for me.
by Black Brotha for Humanity December 29, 2010
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A person (usually male, but sometimes female) who has a complete hatred and/or discontent with a woman’s genitals having pubic hair. He/she is usually the type of person who watches pornography on a consistent basis and then expects his/her girlfriend/wife to live up to the visual imagery of the women on screen.

This type of person often does not see a woman for who she is, but rather unfortunately, he/she sees a woman for who “she is not” and begins to demand that she shave her pubic hair to fit his/her desires and personal expectations.

In many cases women are generally already not comfortable with their body. In some sense women might have a certain “fear” for their natural state because pornography and razor companies have pushed the idea of what the female image should be. To add on to this, her boyfriend/husband who demands that she shave only adds to her frustration and her developing phobia of her own body’s normal state.

In quintessence, “Hairy pussy Phobia” exists in those who are apprehensive of the natural human body; in this case, dread of pubic hair. Individuals who have ‘Hairy Pussy Phobia’ will constantly try to justify their “preference” for the shaved ‘5-year-old-look’ on a woman. The justification responses for shaved vaginas have become very identical over the years to the point that now have developed into ‘programmed responses’.
Henry: “Wow, Jennifer is gorgeous. I would surely date her.”

David: “You’re right, she’s hot. But look at all that long hair.”

Henry: “What’s long hair supposed to mean?”

David: “Dude, if she has that much hair on her head, imagine how much she has down there.”

Henry: “So what? What’s wrong with that? Hair below on a woman is natural.”

David: “Well, I don’t like it hairy. She needs to shave her shit. I don’t want her hairs getting stuck in my mouth when I eat her out.”

Henry: “Bro, hair doesn’t get stuck in your mouth when you pleasure her. Where’d you get that from? That’s just a typical programmed response that comes from people who can’t appreciate a natural woman. Dude, you’ve got Hairy Pussy Phobia.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity January 9, 2010
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An Asian person usually from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and other places in Asia and the pacific region, who has just arrived in the United States of America. The term F.O.B. signifies the words “Fresh Off the Boat.”

This type of Asian person usually has come to the United States for a number of reasons:

1) To Study and/or graduate at a college
2) To better their understanding and pronunciation of the English language
3) To work hard and attain wealth so that he/she/they can send money back to their family back home
4) To live a life of hard work and dedication thus opening a business

An Asian FOB unfortunately often gets stereotyped for not speaking fluent English and also for being a bad driver. But these are just stereotypes. Not everyone fits into those categories.
Asian FOB’s often carry traditional family values. Hard work and selflessness are highlights of their hard work and their life. Many FOB’s have dreams and aspirations like any other person, but they are aware that family comes first.
Michelle: “Hey Zhang, how’s it going with your boyfriend? Did he get you a gift for valentines day?”

Zhang: “Yes, he sure did. But we’ve been having problems lately.”

Michelle: “Well girl, don’t worry about it. Guys can be assholes. That’s why you need to do what I do and talk to a lot of guys at once. Then you’ll get gifts all the time and there will always be some new man to take you out.”

Zhang: “But why should I do that? I really love my boyfriend, Kar Wai. We plan on getting married.”

Michelle: “Girl, don’t be stupid. Well, actually, how much is his yearly income?”

Zhang: “I’m not sure. I never checked. But I don’t care about that. I just know that he works hard and he will be a good father for our future family that we will create.”

Michelle: “Jeez, you’re such an Asian Fob. You need to learn the American way.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity December 30, 2010
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1) A term that can apply to anyone, particularly Americans, who are intimidated and/or resentful at the fact that other entertaining movies do in fact exist outside their country and are of a different language. This "resentment" is more of a type of 'refusal' to accept the fact that there is talent and originality by other movie industry's and directors outside of the country they live in.

2) Generally applies to Americans who are too lazy too watch a Foreign Film because it involves reading and/or they feel that any movie that is NOT in English could never possibly be worth their time nor live up to the greatness that they feel Hollywood is; therefore causing Hollywood to capitalize off Foreign films by remaking them into “American versions” for the “Typical” beer-drinking, loud, impatient, low attention-span, American.
Claude: “Wow, I saw this movie the other day where this woman is blackmailed and then imprisoned for like 13 years. But then she comes back for vengeance against the dude her set her up.”

David: “Oh really, that sounds interesting. I wanna see it. Who’s in it?”

Claude: “A great Korean actress, but you probably won’t know who she is.”

David: “Oh…wait, is the movie in English?”

Claude: “No, actually it’s a Korean movie. I remember you said you like all movies, especially good movies, so I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.”

David: “Well, if it ain’t in English I ain’t watchin it! Anyway man, you’re a French dude; why would you watch a Korean movie?”

Claude: “Man, a good movie IS STILL a good movie no matter where it’s from.”

David: “Well….I’d rather enjoy what I’m watching, rather than reading it.”

Claude: “Aww man, you’ve got Foreign Film Phobia. That’s too bad. Well, never fear, Hollywood is making the watered down American version for your pampered ass.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity January 11, 2010
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