a funny, smart, attractive, and respectable human being of many talents.
look how everyone is so drawn to that Carlyle
by anonymoney February 4, 2010
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Very beautiful green eyed blond with many talents. Best personality than anyone around. Always smiling and enjoying every second of life. Likes to drink, smoke, hang out with friends, and have a good time. Very trustworthy and responsible. Loyal to friends. Respectable towards adults. Slim model body. Great in bed. Perfect breasts. Always looks great and smells good. Wonderful sense of style. Amazing kisser. Will easily turn you on and captivate you with her gorgeous eyes. Loved by everyone, but catches hell by some because they are very jealous. VERY loyal and TRUTHFUL to any boyfriend she has. Not a cheater. Doesn't hate anyone. Just perfect in every way.
Dude, that Carlyle is the TOTAL PACKAGE!
by backspaceentershift November 19, 2010
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A fat ugly witch that likes to suck your soul and your happiness. Everybody hates her. Stay away from a Carlyle
Oh no!! There's a Carlyle!!! I GOTTA RUN
by I.am.a.butthole. February 25, 2017
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complete hoe-bag, skank/whore/slut; mother fucking cheater and pathological liar; stealer of boyfriends; total weirdo; soon-to-be prostitute (grade-a prostitute in training); Cock sucker of all kind; at least 99.2% chance of having STDs; willing to hook-up (or have sexual intercourse) with anything that walks... or crawls; extremely dirty in bed
"That girl slept with three girls' boyfriends', she is such a carlyle."
by Anonymous5678 January 7, 2008
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A wonderfully sexy blonde who is smarter than most people. She usually has large, perfectly soft breasts that all men adore. She usually loves to play with men alone in dark rooms for hours on end.
Dude that chick looked just like Carlyle
by Pfeiffer June 11, 2005
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Scottish Actor - Best known for roles such as 'Begbie' in Trainspotting, 'Gaz' in The Full Monty and 'Raynard' in The James Bond film The World is not enough.

Recently starred in the film ' 28 Weeks Later'

Very Good actor
' am not leaving here till i find out which c*nt did it' - Begbie - Robert Carlyle(Trainspotting)
by sugar_fairy October 10, 2007
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