Something that means very used on Fred Figglehorn's popular YouTube videos.
You're so hacking mean Kevin
Judy is so hacking hot
I was a hacking awesome tree in Grease
Fred is hacking awesome
Kevin you are so hacking fat
Kevin is fatter than a gorilla, so hacking true!
Judy is so hacking bratty
Hacking awesome!
I hacking love Judy
I did a hacking good job as a tree!
I forgot my hacking meds!
Where are my hacking meds??
I need my hacking meds!!
My mom is hacking out of rehab!!
I hacking very strongly dislike my grandma!!
by Loliver-lover February 24, 2009
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Hacking is willful act of gaining unauthorized access an information system using a digital device online or offline.
Hacking is unauthorized access the computer system
by s j tubrazy September 23, 2014
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The illegal penetration of a persons' body or possessions by an individual or individuals either themselves or by use of tools.
Rupert Murdoch was arrested for phone-hacking performed by The News of the World. Judge Albert S. Pat Murdoch was arrested for person-hacking a prostitute.
by MrJeremyT July 20, 2011
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Literally so broadly defined that in 2018 the "great" institution of UCSD boils it all the way down to asking questions, thinking, and administrative incompetence.
We didn't like how poorly we programmed our BLINK system, so *YOU* "hacked" it, and we are accusing you now of "Hacking"
via giphy
by RobotQi February 02, 2018
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criminals deciding to share your private information when you do not want them to.
The college students were hacking for internet access.
by Coop Dupe June 15, 2018
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