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a clever solution to a tricky problem
to hack is to mod or change something in an extrodinary way
by z-trip April 25, 2009

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David Belle (born 29 April 1973 in F├ęcamp, France) is a man largely credited as the founder of parkour.

He is also a physical educator, stuntman, and actor. His military training and early athletic, climbing, gymnastic, and martial arts training acted as the foundations for the discipline he has developed.
im David Belle teh founder of parkour im a straight beast and i can dash like travis.
by z-trip July 21, 2009

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the phenomena in which your testicals are rested in your gooch while your legs are spread,causing your jeans to become firm protecting the goods. so hands,decks of cards, controllers,etc. are deflected.
person1- throws psp at person 2's croch
person2- deflets with trampolian effect.
person2- oh your good
by z-trip April 14, 2009

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when you and one or more friends are walking home from school, and a sereis of school busses drive by so no one can hear eachother especcially in the middle of a sentence.
person 1:so the other day-
bus rush begins
person 2:is there no god?
by z-trip April 24, 2009

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An argument that most people see as a "gray area" argument. they will say that there is no plain black and white answer. these are anything from quantum math equations to spiritual beliefs and everything that led up to this moment is it just random or or is it determined Sometimes it's very hard to see the most plain answer, but it is there though it might be hard to find. this question being answered correctly can allow you to see if your a person of religion or... if shit just happens
randomness vs determination
-Randomness, the ideal that all things just happen. the fact that were alive is pure coincidence through a complex strain of chemical mishaps. and nothing we do is supposed to happen. Randomness is the thought that things just happen all by coincidence.

-Determination, the ideal that things are determined before they happen. that wee and earth and the universe is here on purpose, all part of things that were going to inevitably happen under any begging circumstances.
by z-trip July 21, 2009

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To relax, to be at ease. the actual act of being chill.
person 1- what do you wanna do today?
person 2- ugh i don't know lets kick some chickens
both sit and just chill and begin kickin chickens
by z-trip July 21, 2009

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the most holy word in the english language, to pwn in anything and everything to the point that even chuck wiil offer to blow oyou off.
guy 1:whiyydayya
chuck norris: yahh lets do this
by z-trip March 13, 2009

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