A quick, messy but functional fix or workaround to a problem.
The server chassis was snapped in two, but I've kludged it together with electrical tape.
by Alli February 4, 2003
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Not a necessarily a quick fix - but a unique, cheap approach to a sudden engineering disaster that arises; It's not pretty.

Also the only word of this variety to avoid being a disparaging remark about a group of people.
Engineer 1: "look I fixed it!"

Engineer 1: "Turns out that a single matchbook cover can hold this entire 3 ton mechanism stable."

Engineer 2: "thats's a total kludge."
by Rotella-T December 18, 2013
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Bad code that works but is barely readable, overly complex and unmaintainable.
This code is a total kludge!
by Kristin October 8, 2001
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1. a patch or fix in a computer program, especially a clumsy one

2. to fix a computer program
The way things work with that system is a kludge.
by The Return of Light Joker September 29, 2010
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.v, 1.a complete waste of time. 2. a complete mess.
Jason's project is a kludge of bull crap and GPO documents.
by Oxford's September 23, 2002
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When the dick gets stuck in the dynamic pussy lips.
Damn bitch, my shit is kludged!
by th December 8, 2004
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