Prolly one of the best computer based movies i have ever seen...Angelina Jolie is the best !!!
Hackers has the best sountrack
by Andreid June 06, 2005
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A term given to a player of an online multiplayer game eg: Counter Strike, Halo etc, defining someone who owns everyone and obviously has altered the coding of the game to give them an unfair advantage over everyone else. Usually mistaken for someone who is actually alot better than the people who are playing against him/her and have nothing better to do than brand them a cheater instead of actually playing better at the game
Blue_587: Your a hacker Grey!!
Grey_724: It's not my problem im better than you
Blue_587: I shot you 4 times!
Grey_724: It takes 6 shots to kill someone!
Blue_587: But you killed me with one shot!
Grey_724: I used a rocket launcher you goose!!
by Baz85 October 26, 2007
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Someone who really, really sucks at golf. Not neccesarily a noob. There are people who have been playing golf for years and are still hackers.
Everyone starts as a hacker but all hackers should stick to cheap hacker courses and not go to good ones because they spoil it for the good players.
See that dude over there with the rental clubs and his visor on backwards?

Yeah, what a freakin' hacker.
by 69king December 02, 2004
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A pet or friend who coughs up hairballs.
Fluffy was a longhaired Persian who was also a hacker; the relationship was illfated.
by harry flashman August 03, 2003
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Someone who specializes in finding exploits in computer systems. There main goal is to gain unauthorized access to networks and systems, usually in order to gain further information about the network. They are technical experts and usually highly advanced programmers.

There are 2 types of hackers: black hats and white hats. Black hats are the 'bad guys' while white hats are the 'good guys'. Black hats hack for there own needs, such as stealing money from someones credit card over the internet. White hats get paid to find exploits in programs and websites and then tell the company about them so they can fix them.
A hacker broke into a federal bank and stole $50,000.
by KuRupt Virus October 31, 2010
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A person specializing in hard programming languages, such as C++ or C#. Not to be confused with cracker, which is a person who intentionally breaks into other computers and destroys data.
I am a hacker, but not a cracker.
by Matt Vessey July 09, 2004
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People who have no concideration for other peoples lives. Usually is an ex, A cop, Gov., employee, hard core games that don't know the idea of fair play because they couldn't win a real match if thier life depended on it. i.e. Lack of skills that count. Loosers that steal money they didn;t ern. Some one you told several times you don't want to date, current partner with no respect for your life or privacy. A girl who wants your man and he's told her on numerous occations that he's not interested and getting a job right at the next building wasn't enough for the.... In other words a Stalker!!! Also, most hackers have a large system PC in thier places with a box that is attached to it. They usually "boast and brag" that they can get any ones info about thier entire lives from just a simple name and #. It's true, but thier problems are very deap and refusal to see it is the problem in the world. IT's none of thier buisness!
KG: Well you got what you deserved. What you gave. NOTHING! Stay out of our computer's files, my e-mails and our life. Did you ever here the phrase, " Trust is Faith in Love?"
Hacker Tab's: I was dating this guy up north via internet and he was msgin this other girl and I hacked his e-mails to check up on him.
KG: Oh thats right, he's the problem! Does he still live w/ his momma? You know # 1 that's just wrong of you. #2 If he's talking with another girl he's just not into you.
Hackers# 3 you stalk people and need to get that checked out in your head. #4 Stalking some ones man and getting a job right next door practically and not even doing your job while your thier is another problem. #5 These people 9 times out of ten live off thier parents and have no clue how to sustane a home of thier own or have several techi roomates that think it's funny too. Shall we say LAME They want "Controle," but have no controle of thier true feelings or actions. It's why they do it. Basicaly Chicken shits with no kouth if you ask me.
Hacker Mod: I don't have a problem!
KG: OK, Sociapath, whatever you tell your self to sleep at night. If you spent half the time doing real work then you did breaking peoples security settings you might find happieness. BTW we laugh at the fact you say you can keep any one on a leash. Get a Life!

KG: What color are the clouds outside? When was the last time you thought of any one, but your own tracking habbits? I'm just saying. If some one say's NO they mean NO. If they get a program to halt your operations, that means your not wanted. Get a clue and stay out! That goes for you too Mr. Jon Doe n Co.o! Your games are old and weak. Living in the past of your own regrets and lies. Dude, thats not my problem. Peace and Love lives better than a thief w/out a clue.
by ISaidNOJKcrBS June 22, 2010
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