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1. A procedure or operation performed by someone with inadequate skill or knowlege of the subject.

2. Something done shoddily or ineptly.

3. A crude and improvised or temporary solution to a problem, designed to be more functional and timely than precise, durable or of good quality.

4. Something done with little forethought, organization, planning or precision.

5. A useless, inept or sloppy person.
1. "I had no fucking idea what I was doing; it was a total hack job."

2. "I told my brother to clean the bathroom, but it still looks like hell. Man, he did such a hack job."

3. "I got the radiator working for now, but it won't last long; it's just a hack job."

4. "Your paper sucks, man, you can tell it's just a hack job."

5. "Joel's such a fucking hack job; he couldn't even get his shit together in time for the party."
by The J-Spot January 14, 2005
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Hack job is when someone does a really bad job at something because they were messy or unprofessional.
Joe Blo: Man those Carpenters did a real stabby job to my place.

Mike Tike: Don't you mean a hack job?

Joe Blo: You know what I mean.
by Box Worm November 24, 2019
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Poorly-done attempt at a task. Can also be a person who does these kinds of things.
Guy1: Hey why did I tell Kim to finish painting the walls, and they are still not fucking done, after 4 hours?
Girl1: You hired a hack job.
by rfsniper March 30, 2018
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Similar to dumb dick or Jerry, but far more intense. A hackjob is someone who is unable to lock it up, failing at life, or suffering from a severe case of the dumb.
Girl: Rusty just fell off the chairlift.
Boi: What a hackjob. Lock it up, Rusty.
by An Whole Hackjob January 05, 2017
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An inside hit to disrupt or undermine someone or something .
It was an inside hack job that brought her down.
by jazzman52 January 06, 2017
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