a nice term used by the famous pink guy from filthy frank
Can I habe da pussy please?
by an autistic nigerian April 25, 2016
Noun: A rotund individual who routinely exhibits bouts of explosive diarreah.

Verb: To mooch, especially with respect to other people's money; to go on a bender; to consume alcohol or illicet drugs to the point of near cessation of cardiovascular processes.
Noun: That habe should really eat less, he's grown of late.

Verb: Stop drinking all my booze, you're habing so hard right now.
by Moose the deuce 22 February 11, 2016
Misspelled have (I’ve done it a few times)

Habe sounds like a name for a baboon and it might very well be one... idk.
Girlfriend(via text): Hey do you habe milk

You(via text): oh nose your drunk.
by JustAnOrdinarySoul September 16, 2019
Short for 'Hey Babe' when messaging a girl online
Habe! Would you like to go out for dinner and a movie sometime?
by Mcfallen12 June 9, 2021
The words you say when you slide under the tables at school
Ich habe piss wiss
by Cheshire rungle September 3, 2021
A term used to discombobulate the recipient whether or not they type it into google translate.
person1: What is the time
person2: Ich habe keine Beine

person1: huh?
person2: Du musst hat viele Beine und sehr klein Mittbeine
by ihnen March 1, 2020
Wird benutzt um einer übergewichtigen Person zu sagen dass diese übergewichtig ist.
Bsp. 1:
Mann: "Ich habe eine Banane gegessen!"
Frau: "Willst du damit sagen dass ich FETT bin?!"
Bsp 2.
Dude 1: "Ich habe eine Banane gegessen"
Dude 2: "Meinst du? Ich sollte wahrscheinlich mehr sport machen!"
by Pepelikan November 26, 2018