One of the most intelligent and misunderstood on the mass-media broadcasting website YouTube.
by itsjust January 06, 2017
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The filthiest motherfucker in the known universe. Legend has it he was born around -1XX1290808$52356% chromosomes ago. He now resides in a pocket dimension home to other deities such as Pink Guy, Red Dick, Safari Man, and Salamander Man. Also works as a conduit of Chin Chin.
by Elo Man March 05, 2014
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The filthiest of all people on the internet. He has other charathers in his show, TVFilthyFrank. These characters include: Filthy Frank, Pink guy, Safari man, Salamander man, and the villain chin chin. His show has created a lore, or a movie. He also works with some other youtubers such as iDubbbz, MaxMoeFoe, Anything4Views, and sometimes HowToBasic. He also does some rants, raps, and just some random things. But overall he is the filthiest!

Let's get some pussy tonight
Person One: Ey b0ss r u seen papa franku's new vid?
Person Two: Not yet, but I'm sure it will be extra Kansoruus! Boi filthy frank alwayz gives me tumors!!!11
by Palogon August 03, 2016
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filthy frank is an internet sensation and also a fucking god of the internet he was most famous for making the Harlem shake and pink guy and tons of other characters, he even had a lore, but sadly he left filthy frank and instead became a well known musician his music alter ego is called '' joji''.
pedro said to josh '' yo they opened up a filthy frank church wanna convert to that religion?''
by the eifel tower October 14, 2020
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A YouTube channel dedicated to offering people, generally between the ages of 12-24, an education on Japanese vocabulary, develop better social skills, and become the best person your children could ever be. It is run by a single man named George Miller, a half-Australian half-Japanese man who is considered a great comedian, rapper, and actor according to his fan. He often makes educational music videos suck as "Finna bust a nut", "WEEABOO Song", and "Do the Salamander". He was also the first person to make a "Harlem Shake" video, which eventually lead to an internet sensation. Miller often uses characters such as Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, and Salamander to educated the masses.
by Riley Freemen March 09, 2015
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The absolute filthiest man alive, his YouTube show has over 2,000,000 subscribers and gives a full, healthy serving of autism and cancer in every video he makes.
Person 1: "hey, did you see Filthy Frank's newest video?"
Person 2: "not yet, but it's bound to give me stage 69 brain cancer."
by TopKuk March 28, 2016
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Shut the fuck up
You're a fucking cunt
Shut the fuck up
You're a stupid cunt, suck my dick
Shut the fuck up
Stop being a fucking cunt
Shut the fuck up
Nobody even wants you here
Filthy Frank Is Joji now, and he's doing alot better.
by StinkyTheHobo November 05, 2020
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