Can be used in place of a sigh, or to express discontent. Similar to if one were to make the sound of the letter 'h'.
"what'd you get on the test?"
"h, I got a 55 :-/"
by weeniethotjunior May 14, 2019
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It’s literally just the letter H, why are you searching this up ? Are you dumb?
“I took the time out of my day to search up H on urban dictionary today”

“Why? That’s stupid.”
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by Hols9876 June 02, 2020
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A legendary Chand Slayer that is above god. He has mythical protectors known as H protectors and he can have sex with you dad any time he wants.
Who has the samsung charger? BOOM 321 H BAAAAABYYYYYYY!
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by H Lover March 03, 2020
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