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H. is an AEnima song by Tool. Track 3 off of Aenima, with a length of 6:07 minutes long.
H. is pretty appealing to any Metal fan out there.
by Brett1014 July 1, 2006
A sauce that you can add to your food that makes you "cool" or "leet", "1337", "l337", "lee7", "l3et", and so on.
"Dewd, I added this 1337sauce to my steak I ate last night, and I got a lot more popular at work!"
by Brett1014 July 1, 2006
A heavy-metal band from Richmond, VA. They use pulsive tactics in their music, and write insane riffs to their songs, which gave them the popularity they have today. Lamb of God is not a Christian band, but they're not a Devil-warshipping band. Although if they had to be thought of as one thing, they'd rather be known as a Christian band.

Lamb of God is one of the most well-known heavy-metal bands and is recognized by almost every heavy-metal fan out there. If you listen to heavy-metal, and never have heard of Lamb of God, then this band is for you. For being around since 1994, and creating their first cd in 2000, they have created 3 cds. A new cd is coming in late August, 2006.

CDs released:

New American Gospel - 2000
As The Palaces Burn - 2002
Ashes of the Wake - 2004
Sacrament - 2006

Formerly, they were known as Burn the Priest, in which the name was switched when Will Adler came into Lamb of God. (see Burn the Priest for further info.)
Lamb of Gods' concerts are played perfect.
by Brett1014 June 25, 2006
Hawthorne Heights is the worst band in the world. With their emo lines, saying "cut my wrists and black my eyes", no wonder they have no friends. All fo them should be shot in their faces. No one gives a shit if their old boyfriend dumped them in '95. NO ONE CARES. Kill emos.
"dewd omg letz showr in da bathroom 2 gethir and listin 2 Hawthorne Heights bekuz we R gai emoz..."

In similar news, 100% of emos are homosexual.
by Brett1014 June 11, 2006
Relatively used in different meanings, one main meaning is a penis as long as it is wide. Meaning a person with a chode has a fat, small penis.
"See that guy over there?"


"I heard he started in a gay porno called 'The 69 lbs. of Chode'.
by Brett1014 July 1, 2006