Clancy is a beautiful girl who has the best sense of humor and the cutest laugh in the world. She's someone who remembers all the little things that you like and don't like and no matter what happens she'll make you feel better in every situation. Clancy is so loyal and never fails to surprise you with cute gifts and calls and she's so creative. Her heart is huge and she's too nice to everyone. she has a loud mouth and likes to chat shit but its badass and everyone respects her. Clancy is a perfect girl who everyone likes and some people like her a little too much.
Clancy might be the best girl i've ever met.
OMG clancy texted you?!
by swagadiddy October 28, 2018
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A 'Clancy' is a teenage boy, aged from 12 to 16 who is namely fridgit and afraid to get with his girlfriend, let alone touch a girl. He doesnt want to hold her hand, kiss her, hook up with her or Make out because he is worried he'll be doing the wrong thing. The bets way to overcome a clancy is to talk to him about emotions and make him relax.
Girl 1: im so angry1
girl 2: why?
girl 1: my new bf is a clancy
girl 1: i know -sigh_
by rickrollaers May 29, 2011
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Clancys are intense. They'll rock your world like no other man. They are also extremely intelligent and will blow your mind with some of the skills they've mastered. They are charismatic when they want to be. They work hard even while seemingly lost, but always end up on top of the game in the end. They are outspoken and blunt, honest and crass. They can be rude and boisterous. They have beautiful eyes that betray the sweetness within. Their hair is pleasure to run fingers through. They are intensely passionate, driven, and alpha. They are strong, tall, and handsome. They are also mischievous and use their intelligence to mess with your head, sometimes just out of pure boredom. If you aren't nuts they can drive you nuts, if you are they can make you even more nuts.

As a friend they are indispensable, helpful, and loyal so long as you help them out at times. As a lover you'll wish you could keep them always.
"How in the world does someone even do that? How is that even possible?"

"Clearly they are a Clancy."
by Random124963293 August 14, 2018
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To be so drunk and floppy your body looks like you have no bones
by Bluesunday August 15, 2010
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A Clancy is a boy who is on average aged 14-17 and is very fridgit. A Clancy is afraid to touch his girlfriend/boyfriend because he is worried he'll do the wrong thing or make the situation awkward, however by not touching his girlfriend, he'd only making the situation worse. A Clancy is normally a rather short, wears vans and flanos, lives in England, is a young boy with golden locks and dizzy hair.
girl one: i got a boyfriend!
girl two: HOW EXCITING!
girl one: dont get too excited, he's a clancy!
girl two: *gasp* WHAT A DOUCHE!
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He is a sexy 10-14 year old boy who everyone likes.
#sexy #clancy #everyonelikeshim
by plops345 May 28, 2018
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Clancy means "The son of the red warrior", but he is not only the "son". He is a warrior himself. He will do anything for his loved ones. He is extremely loyal and kind. But if you insult something he loves, prepare to die. He has an amazing smile that makes you trust him with your life. If you ever meet a Clancy, don't be afraid to befriend him. He will be by your side no matter what.
Random person: Clancy, I need to tell you a secret. Don't tell anyone!
Clancy: Are you serious? I am taking your secret to the grave!
by RRLBEP June 1, 2020
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