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A peculiar gay little man with abnormally small hands. Clancy is usually seen prostituting himself out to indians.
Did u see clancy going down on that indian in the parking lot last night?
by snickelfrits December 05, 2013
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A 'Clancy' is a teenage boy, aged from 12 to 16 who is namely fridgit and afraid to get with his girlfriend, let alone touch a girl. He doesnt want to hold her hand, kiss her, hook up with her or Make out because he is worried he'll be doing the wrong thing. The bets way to overcome a clancy is to talk to him about emotions and make him relax.
Girl 1: im so angry1
girl 2: why?
girl 1: my new bf is a clancy
girl 1: i know -sigh_
by rickrollaers May 28, 2011
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A Clancy is a boy who is on average aged 14-17 and is very fridgit. A Clancy is afraid to touch his girlfriend/boyfriend because he is worried he'll do the wrong thing or make the situation awkward, however by not touching his girlfriend, he'd only making the situation worse. A Clancy is normally a rather short, wears vans and flanos, lives in England, is a young boy with golden locks and dizzy hair.
girl one: i got a boyfriend!
girl two: HOW EXCITING!
girl one: dont get too excited, he's a clancy!
girl two: *gasp* WHAT A DOUCHE!
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a hot chick who is the best at everything and is really friggen amazing!!! and is really sweet and thoughtful!!!
dude that clancy chick is really friggen amazing
by hot spot March 23, 2011
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He is a sexy 10-14 year old boy who everyone likes.
#sexy #clancy #everyonelikeshim
by plops345 June 10, 2018
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