Ben got H&B last night, it was a doozy.
by tombanjo March 25, 2010
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I love lucy - she gets me all H&B

The music was brilliant in the nightclub last night there was a lot of H&B playing and it got pretty steamy.
by Peter Lowrie July 3, 2007
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hiking and biking- what ones crazy mom might try to get them to do for QFT
"sorry jesse i can't go to newport with you- the p's are making me do h/b today."
by lauren September 1, 2003
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H b stands for Hannah baker, it is often used as a verb for killing yourself, like how Hannah baker kills herself.
Ew you look so ugly

Well I guess I will just go h b now
by Sackpant October 13, 2018
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A lot of people have a very bad impression of Beal high school, it's time that things be set straight. Having a renown arts program complete with ten art studios and also fantastic musical theatre, broadcasting, and technology departments, Beal is the kind of school that is great for all different kinds of people and especially the artistically inclined. The teachers are mostly wonderful and skilled at what they do, they always remain professional but are also there to offer words of wisdom and help to anyone who looks for it.

Although of course the location seems not the greatest, downtown and close to the methadone clinic, that has NOTHING to do with the school itself. Standing out front and waiting for the bus after school, I must see at least four cop cars on patrol in the forty-five minute time period. The students are being looked after all the time, and have a cop on staff inside the school itself to keep things mellow. Of course there are fights, as there are at every school in existence; even the catholic ones, it is nothing new. Drugs, alot of people complain about the amount of drugs at Beal, well let's analyze that for a moment. People seem to think Beal has more of a drug population than any other school, this is probable true, and do you know WHY that is? Because we have over 2000 teenagers, more than any other school in the city.

Parents, stop worrying. If you have a good kid, it doesn't matter the school they go to. And saying that, a kid who dabbles in drugs, or walks downtown with a tougher crowd, is not necessarily a bad kid! If you'd take a minute to stop judging them, and stop judging Beal, you'd see all the good things the school is doing by being a positive outlet for creative expression and a safe haven to all kinds of stereotypes that would be ostracized at other schools. It is also easily the most LGBT friendly school in the city and is truly a place where you can be yourself.
Gay-Straight Alliance,
Christian Fellowship,
Coffee House for Musicians,
Battle of the Bands,
Musical Theatre,
Drama Club,
Arts Program,

And many other groups or events to join so that EVERYONE feels welcome. H B Beal is a place for everybody.
by S. Ocean July 11, 2008
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Red Headed Bitch
a person who has red hair and is a bitch
lindsy lohan is a great example of this
but she has already got the name Fire Crotch
<lindsy lohan walks by>
"jessica can you believe how much of a R H B she is?"
by justasillylilgirl May 21, 2008
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