(n): myu-sih-kil thee-ter A form of theatre incorporating singing and dancing in addition to acting. It is often criticized for having characters break out into song and dance in the middle of an intense moment. Males who participate in it are also the butt of many a homosexual joke. The creators of such jokes tend to be jocks whose girlfriends made out with the leads in school musicals onstage in front of over one thousand people while they just sat squirming in their seats wishing they were the one up there.
Jock: Hey, faggot, I hear you do Musical Theatre, want to go to skip practice and get your nails painted?

Thespian: Sorry, I can't skip today, I need to work on the kissing scene with your girlfriend. Why don't you go wrestle some sweaty half naked men?
by Bobby Strong February 3, 2013
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A Kick Ass form of theatre that is far better than drama in many ways.It involves Singing, Dancing and Acting. The music theatre meca is Broadway. The best music theatre was all writen after 1990.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Avenue Q
The last 5 years
A New Brain
by I'd rather not say July 13, 2005
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A hobby for social outcasts who find little interest in sports or rock and roll music. Includes (but isn't limited to) dancing, singing, acting, and even sometimes gymnastics.
A: What sport do you play?
B: I do musical theatre.
A: Oh... cool. Have you seen CATS?
by Jogren May 22, 2008
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Noun: a person who loves musical theatre to the point of obsession over musicals and showtunes.
Musical theatre kids will likely stream and download showtunes more often than 'regular music' or songs by popular artists. They will often make musical references in everyday conversations, whether or not the person they are talking to recognizes it. They spent a good amount of time memorizing showtunes from their favorite musicals, and nothing will stop them from singing along once they do so. One must be careful when approaching a musical theatre kid, for even the most offhand comment can spark an immediate reaction that will usually comprise of a full performance of the show referenced. Many musical theatre kids find themselves constantly discovering new musicals, resulting in the pain they feel when being forced to choose their favorite. Common traits musical theatre kids share are creativity, determination, and freedom of expression.
Person: (meaning to ask: how does a player with so little experience in soccer manage to score a perfect goal?) How does a-
Musical theatre kid: BASTARD, ORPHAN (proceeds to sing entire Hamilton soundtrack)
Person: Why must you always interrupt me like that?
Musical theatre kid: (singing) SORRY-NOT-SORRY...
Another musical theatre kid: 'BOUT WHAT I SAID...
Person: This is going to take a while (walks away)
by #AndPeggy March 25, 2020
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Insomniac Music Theatre is a show that airs on vh1 in the early morning. Programming consists purely of music videos. Considered by many to be the best show of any produced by stations focused on music due to its utter simplicity.
I was up until four in the morning watching Insomniac Music Theatre while I wrote my term paper.
by Sub Zenyth April 30, 2005
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You're not a musical theatre kid if you aren't sure whether or not you'll going to broadway. You are always at rehearsal and can never hang out with anyone. Haha jk, if you are a true musical theatre kid, your only friends are musical theatre kids. You cannot sport for your life. You are the one at the party that doesn't know that popular rap song because you only listen to musical theatre songs. Haha tricked you again; you don't go to parties, you're always at rehersal.

You take Singing, Dancing and Acting lessons and pay way to much for all three.
Hey you want to come watch football sometime.

No sorry I don't sport, I'm a Musical Theatre Kid
by Bongquisha April 9, 2017
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a group of spoiled, rich, white kids who can't handle real life so they use fake personas on a stage for $500 a show but most end up in the ensemble anyways
"wow look at that girl. she must be with el dorado musical theatre (edmt)"
by LittleChild September 4, 2017
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