A Beal is typically a victim of great snubbery
Bradley really got snubbed from the team, he’s really a Beal
by beal snubbed June 9, 2020
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Crew of affluent guys who dominate the 858 and Beer Pong.

Word used to describe the action of leaving something or someone.

Word Origin:
Bye to Sti(after WRX sti) then to beya to finally Beal.
TPHS/Ashley Falls Area

Noun:"has Beal arrived at the party?"
Verb:"i just owned you in beer pong, alright beal!"
by W B September 23, 2006
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A jovial slang name for ones penis, cock or dong often used by the slightly less posh boys in English public schools.
Check out the lips on that! I would love to see those wrapped around my beal.
by Cobra Bollocks November 26, 2018
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To be screwed over in any situation your involved in, be it business, personal, or just something that is supposed to be fun.
Damn bro! You got bealed on that deal! You OK?
by bearnekkid April 25, 2015
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"Ah wiz bealing when that wee ned smashed up ma motor"

"what are you so bealing about?"

"he'll be bealing when he finds out you snogged his bird"
by Dave Conor September 12, 2007
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A word commonly found in the North of England to describe crying. It is almost aslways used in a derogatory way to ridicule the opponent
(tauntingly)''Aww, look at him! He's gunna start bealing soon!''
by B Scarfe January 12, 2008
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To reduce to the state of “having nothing left” - Having no useful function.

Inspired by Ian Beale's iconic scene from Eastenders.
*Gets killed in a video game* - “Eee wew I’ve just been purely bealed

*Is drunk* - “I’m so bealed I can’t see properly”

"Hey Uncle Sleeve, how did your video gaming session go?", "It was great, we epically bealed the opponents and were therefore the victors"
by Parkerx31 January 2, 2022
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