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Earmuffs are what adults tell children to put on when they are talking about anything R-rated, or inappropriate for those children to be hearing. Good for when children have finally learned how to spell, and they are in all adult company.
Dad: You werent saying that last night when I was...


Dad: Earmuffs!

**children cover ears**

Dad: You didnt say that last night when I was..tapping that ass.
by justasillylilgirl March 18, 2009
Another way of saying:
-do this
-get that
-over there
-right now
-pick it up
-hurry up
-go get me a beer

normally used by elders towards their children and or grandchildren is commonly used by adults who want children to go do something and they just had a casual laps in verbage.

<grandpa holds out empty beer bottle and shakes it> "doogie doogie"

<younger person removes themself from room to go get beer and return it to their elder>
by justasillylilgirl May 22, 2008
Red Headed Bitch
a person who has red hair and is a bitch
lindsy lohan is a great example of this
but she has already got the name Fire Crotch
<lindsy lohan walks by>
"jessica can you believe how much of a R H B she is?"
by justasillylilgirl May 21, 2008