The method of which a person decides to end they're life on earth. This may because the person is either; depressed, being bullied, got raped, or is a 12 year old squeaker on black ops 3.
"Omg i got no scoped" "Haha you may as well start killing yourself now!!"
by grrrrrrboy March 20, 2017
A term meaning "I respectfully disagree with your opinion". Believed to have originated on tumblr, but most often seen on youtube.
John: I enjoy the music of Paramore

Joan: Kill yourself.

John: We'll have to agree to disagree.
by Mickulty September 27, 2013
A way of saying that someone is being stupid.
Usually this doesn't mean that they want the other to actually kill themself, just to say they are being stupid.
Person 1: Justin Bieber is amazing!!!!!
Person 2: Kill Yourself.....
by Sezziex July 26, 2016
Something that is said to someone because they are very stupid.
what that was dumb go kill yourself
by roccaphella19 July 10, 2005
This is a term used when someone is engaging in or displaying behavior/belief/attitude so incredibly ridiculous/ignorant/ass-backwards that the only possible solution to propose is to strongly suggest that they eliminate themselves from existence. Hence #kill yo'self.
Basic Bitch : "He said he just be really busy after 9 every day, soo.."

Boss Bitch : "Bitch Kill Yourself
by JD Luxe aka Ms. Kiss March 30, 2010
the sweet release of death. having everything you worked so little for come to a grinding halt.
the best time of your life and the day your dad has been waiting for since you were born.
kill yourself:
me:man... life sucks... my girlfriend dumped me... i failed at school... i can't get a job... i wish there was something i could do.
Rope: hey michael?
Rope: come "hang" out for a while ;)
me:OKAY ROPE!!!!!
Rope: i love holding you michael
me: ......coff....coff........
Rope: michael?
me: .........
by Jackson White April 5, 2016
what people say to me. to kill yourself means to take your own life. commit suicide. usually an expression of anger.
by Mike Rehmer January 19, 2008