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-noun; shū=The space in between the clouds (not a clear sky)
Weatherman: the weather today is partly cloudy so you will see a lot of shou
by VegasSubie July 04, 2010
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When your close friend/homie is so drunk, they get all touchy feely and try to hold your hand.
My homeboy got so drunk last night and pulled a shou on me.

I was so drunk and had a shou moment with Ben.
by Deliriou5 June 17, 2018
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To express a sense of being impressed or to show approval : syn “sho ‘nough!” “i feel that!” “Git it!”
Hot girl dances.... man watching exclaims “shou!”

Man tells has cheating wife off on social media. All of his friends comment showing approval one exclaims “shou! Thats right bro”

The valedictorian of our university gives her speech and at the end multiple people in the audience stand up clapping and screaming “Shou! Class of 2008!”
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by CritterCrossin May 22, 2019
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