5 definitions by andyman

An extremely aggravating and annoying person, usually mean spirited
"Tracy ratted me out to the boss. What a fucking quiff!:
by andyman January 24, 2003
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an old man who is whipped by a milf. i.e. kirco's step dad
kircos dad
by andyman April 30, 2004
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A green deuce or terd - usually rancid smelling. Indicates there's a problem with your digestive tract.
Man I just dropped the nastiest mean green. It smelled so horrid that people were puking in the restroom.
by andyman April 22, 2004
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A gay man's wife is called a beard. If they have a child together then the child is called a ZZ Top (in reference to the huge beards the band ZZ Top wore in the 80s). The child is in effect a "super beard" - used as an even larger cover up for the man's homosexuality.
Can't you see that Brian is a closet homo? His wife is just a beard and his son Pete is a ZZ Top.
by andyman April 21, 2004
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a pimped out town (i wouldnt say suburb)a couple minutes away from Kalamazoo and Western Michigan Campus. alot of the kids are duesch bags like Jerry Hagenbuch and Zach Loup, but other than that you just blow shit up with drano bombs and have fireworks wars. and the middle school wrestling coach is a duesch!
Lets goto Mattawan, becuase theres nothing to do or we could goto the Kalamazoo 10?
by andyman May 5, 2004
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