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A specific time set to see a medical doctor. The patient usually has booked the appointment months in advance to get the first available time. A sign in sheet is at the reception desk and the receptionist is pissed because you interrupted her cell phone texting. Then the patient is handed a stack of papers to fill out and told to have a seat. After not feeling well and stressing about what may be wrong then gets to wait in the crowded, germ filled room for another 2 hrs. After the doctors appointment one may find themselves wondering why they even went and if they will receive a letter from epidemiology saying they were exposed to some contagious disease.
I went to my doctors appointment today and read old magazines in a germ filled, dirty waiting room for 2 hrs. When the medical assistant called me in I waited for another 1/2 hr in the exam room to see the doctor for 5 mins. However, I should feel lucky because I have an HMO that tells my doctors how to practice medicine.
by kaneki September 26, 2009
A OB/Gyn doctor that is old enough to be your grandpa. Many women prefer this type especially if there are no female gynecologist available because they don't feel as embarrassed when he examines them. Most women do not want a good looking young OB/Gyn because they are already so self conscious about lying on the exam table with their feet in the stirrups. Grandpa will also do annual breast exams.
I was so embarrassed when the handsome, young gynecologist entered the exam room. I was hoping for a Grandpa Gynecologist.
by kaneki October 1, 2009
A conservative, frustrated & closed minded person who tries to put their twisted opinions on others who are leaving free.
The angriest of all species, poor sports & sore losers. Opposes the simplest philosophy such as "Live and Let Live."
Whenever I talk to Chuck about the news he freaks out & says he hates CNN. He is a "Fox News" Republican guy. I just say, "alright already, don't bust an artery."
by kaneki August 12, 2009
Something too reminiscent of the trends of 1969 youth. Music, fashion, free love and peace. Peace signs, suede & fringe, long hair, bell bottoms & floral headbands. Anything that symbolizes the Woodstock concert in New York. This could also include paisley, psychedelic colors and patterns.
I love my purse with the peace sign, flowers, and fringe but some people think it is too Woodstocky.
by kaneki August 29, 2009