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a mild negative exclamatory remark. similar to grr and growl . Cna also show indecision or indifference as in meh
Gurgle! He makes me annoyed. or

-What woudl you like for dinner ?
by TheJosh July 12, 2003
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A synonym for "oh nifty!"
Nick: Hey Rachel! look at the little minions! They look like chicken nuggets!
Rachel: Not really...
Nick:Yeah, your right. They look more like elephants.
Rachel: Gurgle!
by Rachel and Nick July 23, 2010
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The process of rolling around in feces, usually on a bed.
There's poop on that bed! Let us gurgle in it!
by xenos2442 December 09, 2009
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A fart that sounds like you blew bubbles in your Hardees malt.
That wasn't just a fart, THAT was a gurgle, you better check your pants/
by Blake November 11, 2002
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The sound you hear when you poop diarea all over the toilet seat cause you missed


When you take your cum, and pee in it and mix it up in a pooper and then you wipe it all over a object and force feed it to your galfriend
I missed and gurgled all over the floor.


You take that gurgle and drink it or ill take a dump in your mouth!
by Camameron October 06, 2007
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