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A noise that comes from the throat often when sleeping a gurgle can be voluntary or involuntary for example one might gurgle when drinking for a laugh or one might gurgle in sleep on saliva an unpleasant affair
you were gurgling in your sleep again try not to gurgle it wakes everyone up
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by star words May 14, 2020
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a mild negative exclamatory remark. similar to grr and growl . Cna also show indecision or indifference as in meh
Gurgle! He makes me annoyed. or

-What woudl you like for dinner ?
by TheJosh July 12, 2003
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Similar to a stomach growl except it’s more painful. Your stomach growls when it’s hungry and gurgles when you feel like you’re gonna puke or have some nasty diarrhea. You’ll get the gurgles from being sick, eating too much, or eating greasy food.
Man I got the gurgles something fierce; I think I’m gonna puke.
by Hans Strudel March 12, 2019
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A synonym for "oh nifty!"
Nick: Hey Rachel! look at the little minions! They look like chicken nuggets!
Rachel: Not really...
Nick:Yeah, your right. They look more like elephants.
Rachel: Gurgle!
by Rachel and Nick July 23, 2010
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The process of rolling around in feces, usually on a bed.
There's poop on that bed! Let us gurgle in it!
by xenos2442 December 09, 2009
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