A female who is friends with a male. This is used in contrast to girlfriend. A galfriend is just a friend who happens to be a girl; a girlfriend is someone you are dating.

see also guyfriend.
Greg: "So, are you dating Mary?"
Chad: "No, she's just my galfriend."
by Newbia Leogetti June 5, 2006
Not to be confused with the word girlfriend.

A term/word for a guy's female best friend. Shes for the most part is a platonic friend, and will odds are not get romantically involved with the guy.

A galfriend is someone seen as a sister, or a good friend, an ex who he wont get back with. Its that girl, the guy says there too much alike or too close to ever get married.
Tim: Mimi not my girlfriend. Mimi's a girl, and shes a friend but she's not my girlfriend.
Ashley: so she a galfriend....
by Theamazinggeek March 1, 2019