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Hank: Yo, aren't you coming to the party?
Desmond: No, I've got a mad case of diarea.
Hank: Dumbass, it's diarrhea.
by Definitions Ltd. July 10, 2017
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Eating food that upsets the stomach and causes projectile liquid shit out of the anus
Dude i just had the narliest explosive diarea!!
by tiweryopo February 11, 2008
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The inability to control one's facial expressions when listening to someone else. Most often used to describe someone's face showing disgust or bewilderment when listening to someone saying something unintelligent.
When listening to their boss Kevin moronically attempt to explain the work, Chris turned to Lindsey and said "you have major face diarea ; you look exactly like how I feel..."
by Arc1 May 15, 2018
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Diarea that exits the colon so fast that it creates a vaccuum in the lower intestion reasulting in a kinda inverse fart that sometimes draws shit back into the colon.
One side effect of the burger king maybe but is not limited to Implosive diarea'
by roachburger July 14, 2009
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when your in class or anywhere and you cant keep your mouth shut
you have diarea speaking
by Ashley Boehley February 25, 2008
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