guff refers to hassle , also guffyhead.
eg "he was giving me guff so i gave him stuff".Largely used in the travelling community Ireland,"He has a guffyhead" meaning this man looks like he wil cause social problems
by kenzointhemix November 08, 2009
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Over-inflated information, bordering on superfluous or wholly irrelevant.

Origins: Onomatopoeic word describing a fart that starts with a short, low musical note, followed by a more prolonged, muffled “fffffh”, usually achieved by sitting on office furniture.
"Never read the manual, it's usually just guff in twenty languages."
by Um Kazaar March 27, 2003
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A stinky fart. Usually a quiet 'parp' sound, rather than a squelchy one.
"Ahh mate, did you just guff? That reeks!"
by McGee88 March 11, 2009
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A sarcastic phrase used to describe the stupidity of another person's statement. Relatives of the phrase include "No kidding!" and "No shit!"
Glen: "Carlos came into my office and asked if I had a floppy drive. I told him that I didn't."

Andrea: "No guff"
by digi::icon June 22, 2006
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Kinda like “no shit” or “no kidding.”
Wayne Campbell from Waynes World coined this phrase.
Wayne and Garth walking through a desert.

Garth: “Wow we really are in the desert.”
Wayne: “Sha, no guff.”
by thetartag March 27, 2020
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n. 1. Free stuff 2. Food or other items that one no longer wants such as food or books

v. Guff it, to take something that does not belong to anyone
Put your leftover food on the guff table to share with others.
by ANS A2 September 23, 2004
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A Name Used To call Someone Special :)
all the warsopians use it !
A sound person whos allways up for a laugh :D
Someone whos allways there for you when you need them most!
A Sound Person or someone who will help you out, ahh mann thats a guff :)
by KirstieBabes; June 13, 2009
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