slang word used 4 black bar b quein
grizzle me a hambergizzle or ill jizzle on yo nizzle
by nostril March 16, 2003
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The bestest kid at football, wrestling, and rugby. He is stronger than u, faster, better looking, bigger feet, bigger penis. He can beat the shit out of all the kids at BHS xcept for matt mcgrath of course. And dont u ever compare him to Duddits. He has a letterman jacket that he doesnt deserve.
1.Grizzle is obviously gonna start varsity football next year.

2.Grizzle can beat up anyone because he has a life or death mentality
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the sound of a distorted guitar made by one's mouth. "you beat box, I'll grizzle"; to grizzle- to make the sound of a distorted guitar with your mouth "Lay down a beat, I need somethin to grizzle to."; grizzled-passed tence of the verb "to grizzle" "He laid down a beat while I grizzled.", grizzling- present tense of the verb "to grizzle" "check out his sick grizzling skill", grizzl(er-masculine, ist-feminine) - a grizzle artist.
"I am a grizzler thru and thru, I love to grizzle, the other day i had a grizzle off, we were grizzling up a storm. The grizzlist opposing me grizzled "eye of the tiger", but I won with "paranoid" by Metallica."
by C-Dizzle Grizzle February 04, 2007
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slang for the smokeless tobacco "grizzly" also known as dip
hey lets get some grizzle and throw in a lip... oi
by whitey, the one and only July 20, 2004
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When your dreaming about eating a big fatty piece of tenderloin and it starts to taste like a chewy piece of fat. Then you wake up with your weirdo roomates sack in your mouth.
Dude 1: "Dude, what are you doing with your sack in my mouth?"

Dude 2: "My steak tasted like grizzle!"
by noname G January 19, 2007
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