3 definitions by bitchassrubberneck

Lance never hated Keith, but sometimes our feelings can get lost in translation when coming from our thoughts to verbal communication.
Lance: ''I actually don't hate you right now...''
Me (a love guru who can see the difference between a rivalry and sexual tension): ''Oh lance, sweetie, you never hated him''
by bitchassrubberneck June 29, 2018
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When your boyfriend spends two years on another planet he may come back bigger and stronger but also quite grizzled
''Are you sure your not his bigger, cooler, grizzled older brother''
by bitchassrubberneck June 18, 2018
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when a boy says that he 'dosn't have time for this Lance', he sometimes means he does have time, he is just not ready to accept his feelings.
You could say ''I don't have time for this lance'' but you would be lying
by bitchassrubberneck June 24, 2018
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