A man that is amazing and smart, has a great heart, athletic, popular, shares, loves the opposite sex, has a lot of friends just need to choose the right ones because he is to friendly.
Wow I wish I was McClain.
McClain stole my girlfriend -Everyone
by hahahha1234 July 9, 2014
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He's the school Fuck boy but still people love him he has a lot of friends love sports (wrestling) He really cares about people and will do anything for them.
McClain might be the school fuck boy but he is so hot
by Coomby4life January 23, 2020
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A man with constantly changing facial hair who hates pickles and only dates girls who like fish
That McClain sure disapproves of a lot of our activities

That guy is such a line cone.
Yea, he's a McClain.
by ginger2snap December 8, 2013
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A bi Cuban boio who just needs a hug especially after season 8 oh and needs his family is that too much to askkkkk and forgets the binding moment
Keith: We hAd A bOnDiNg mOmEnT i CrAdLEd yOu iN mY ArmS

Lance: Nu-uh don’t remember DiDnT hApPEn

by Inkhaytton December 15, 2018
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A young man who played the violin to shelter dogs in his spare time. He was a young black man who was getting some tea for his brother was killed by a officer. Black Lives Matter!
Elijah Mcclain was INNOCENT!
by _DwightSchrute_ July 8, 2020
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