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see: dimepiece
i want a Juliet.
by fo shizzle June 01, 2004

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A robot sent from the future who can coldly calculate, omitting all emotional distraction.
Donald Rumsfeld is a BMF who would take over the world if he could hold inject more of the bullshit charm and charisma that our monkey president has.
by fo shizzle May 25, 2003

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In prison hooch is alcohol that is made from remains of fruit fermented with yeast. Very rudimentery.
by fo shizzle August 02, 2003

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A really fat girl.
When i was drunk she was beautiful but when i soke up it turned out she was Sea donkey.
by Fo Shizzle March 06, 2004

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The area surrounding the San Francisco Bay. The epitome of Nor-Cal. From SF down to Burlingame, Belmont, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View,San Jose (West Bay) plus the East Bay (sort of) Most well known for SF, being liberal, and hella.
In the BAY AREA, no one says "Frisco"
As a Bay Arian, I hella exercise my right to vote.
by fo shizzle February 20, 2005

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what the fuck is wrong with you? Stop that
Aight, you need to freeze that
by fo shizzle October 09, 2003

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A term used to describe a completely wrong answer to a extremely simple qustion... Often used by Mrs. Nelda Newell
TWANK!!!...Erik Hamilton you're an idiot...
by fo shizzle May 06, 2003

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