Word with a few meanings...

1. Something nasty, or unpleasant
2. Dark, shady, or colour drained
3. New method of saying something is cool similar to the usage of sick
1. "Dude that food tastes grim"
2. "The weather's looking pretty grim today"
3. "You're so grim!"
by dark-darkling05 October 15, 2005
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100% tea towel

this expression is used to show somones deap stupidity and love for chickens
'your such a grims'
'Hey chicken want to go for a grims'
by mystic midget June 25, 2008
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Yo, those fucking Air Twos are grim as shit, son.
by JayR June 20, 2004
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An usually large fold of skin found on the back of obese necks. Specifically located below the bottom of a baseball hat and above their shirt collar. The size of these fuckers disproportionally enlarge with weight gain while being immune to weight loss. Tend to collects beads of sweat.
I can't stop staring at that dudes G-Rim, it really must be a bitch to shave.
by Faregounder July 24, 2018
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Verb - describing the action of soiling one's pants.
Named after the purple blob Maccas character who does not resemble anything in real life but seems to have an affinity for milkshakes.
1 - "OMG how did Chucho win that header against Vermaelan? I think I'm going to grim my pants"
"Too late, I already grimmed mine"

2 - "Where's the toilet otherwise I'm going to grim my pants"
by j-dwg October 12, 2009
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