An usually large fold of skin found on the back of obese necks. Specifically located below the bottom of a baseball hat and above their shirt collar. The size of these fuckers disproportionally enlarge with weight gain while being immune to weight loss. Tend to collects beads of sweat.
I can't stop staring at that dudes G-Rim, it really must be a bitch to shave.
by Faregounder July 24, 2018
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100% tea towel

this expression is used to show somones deap stupidity and love for chickens
'your such a grims'
'Hey chicken want to go for a grims'
by mystic midget June 25, 2008
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Yo, those fucking Air Twos are grim as shit, son.
by JayR June 20, 2004
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The name of a strange and very shizophrenic dude with a very big profile neurosis; mostly appearing in internet chatrooms and talking nonstop nonsense while listening to total absurd music.
"Hi, it's me, Grim." - "Oh, no, the bullshit goes on again, go away!!"
by grim13 April 11, 2005
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Verb - describing the action of soiling one's pants.
Named after the purple blob Maccas character who does not resemble anything in real life but seems to have an affinity for milkshakes.
1 - "OMG how did Chucho win that header against Vermaelan? I think I'm going to grim my pants"
"Too late, I already grimmed mine"

2 - "Where's the toilet otherwise I'm going to grim my pants"
by j-dwg October 12, 2009
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Grim ; slang for blacks in the flyover states.
I'm staying over here, way too many Grims on that side of the street.
by 420Harvester November 04, 2017
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