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a word used to comment on someone's appearance in a good way. Basically calling them (hot, good looking)
say if your walking down the street with your friend and you see and really good looking man & you'd turn to her and say "ooh he's a right sort"
by Cx444 May 31, 2015
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A word often used by Cockneys,Mockneys 'suvvern' lads and Geezers to describe a 'fit bird'
Oi,John,now SHE is a right Sort!
by Dick nasty November 02, 2003
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If your a 'sort' it means that your a very peng, spicy, attractive person.
" oh look at maddy"
"Yeah shes such a sort"
by TheWHTGCreator August 22, 2016
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"Sort" is actually an acronym for the term sought after and is used by lads and gals to describe someone as good looking or attractive.
Corrr babe he is a right sort aint he
by Chxrlieboi July 11, 2017
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A nightmarish, coded, machine-read Naval message that is supposed to be a real-time methodology for reporting overall operational readiness to a vindictive and hateful computer in Washington D.C. that seizes upon a single minute error and then flames your commanding officer who then shits in your garrison hat.
I'd rather be in charge of the Combined Federal Campaign at the Norfolk Naval Brig and have a bleeding prostate the size of grapefruit than be the SORTS officer.
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
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Sort Of Re Tweet

In Twitter people use RT (= ReTweet) at the beginning of a post when they are retweeting it. This means you're copying a post from another person and forwarding it in your own network.

When you're using Twitter and are Retweeting a post, but you change it, make it personal, you're not actually Retweeting it, but SORT OF retweeting it.
A person has a post on Twitter:

Best Wedding Entrance Ever is back online. Still don't know why is was offline :

You want to forward this post in your own Twitternetwork, but don't want to use the exact same words, so you use the abbreviation SORT in stead of RT to make this clear.

SORT @example.twitterusername best weddingmovie ever! .. made me :-)
by Geertje July 30, 2009
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A word than is used around England meaning Sorted, Hot or Good.
Example 1: Yo did you see dom's house last night he had a PS3 Plasma screen, everything it was well sort.

Example 2: Ooh did you see that chick last night at the cafe, she was well Sort.

Example 3: Yo you should meet my friend Tom, he is well sort.
by Simon Ward-Adams February 20, 2009
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