a word used to comment on someone's appearance in a good way. Basically calling them (hot, good looking)
say if your walking down the street with your friend and you see and really good looking man & you'd turn to her and say "ooh he's a right sort"
by Cx444 May 28, 2015
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If your a 'sort' it means that your a very peng, spicy, attractive person.
" oh look at maddy"
"Yeah shes such a sort"
by TheWHTGCreator August 23, 2016
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"Sort" is actually an acronym for the term sought after and is used by lads and gals to describe someone as good looking or attractive.
Corrr babe he is a right sort aint he
by Chxrlieboi July 11, 2017
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A word than is used around England meaning Sorted, Hot or Good.
Example 1: Yo did you see dom's house last night he had a PS3 Plasma screen, everything it was well sort.

Example 2: Ooh did you see that chick last night at the cafe, she was well Sort.

Example 3: Yo you should meet my friend Tom, he is well sort.
by Simon Ward-Adams February 21, 2009
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is a fixed idiom, meaning that something resembles something else, or fulfills its function, but isn't really that thing.

in some respects but not entirely or truly
1.He's a celebrity of sorts in our town.

means that he is known well in our town but does not have the status of a true celebrity.

2.Her house is a museum of sorts

mean that she has quite a collection of things in her house but she doesn't have public hours or an admission fee, for example.
by hanyahmedezz March 7, 2011
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A word often used by Cockneys,Mockneys 'suvvern' lads and Geezers to describe a 'fit bird'
Oi,John,now SHE is a right Sort!
by Dick nasty November 2, 2003
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When a task or idea is completed
"We finally got through to it then?, sorted!"
by Martyn Waugh October 10, 2003
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