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Longitudinal rifts of skin on the scrotum resulting from exposure to cold temperature or preferably upon being fully drained by a female companion.
Susan left me with serious griggles - it was great!
I call her 'The Griggler' because she always takes my sugar.
by TimShark January 09, 2008
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To smoke pot. A broad term, including: bingers, jays, bowl hits, etc.
Yo, you wanna griggle then hit up Wendy's?
by El Doctero September 15, 2006
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A noun for the monster under your bed that eats your homework.
Did the griggles eat your homework?
by Mr. Dragon April 15, 2014
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To giggle and wriggle at the same time. See griggler.
Wow, she's having a good old griggle over there.
by Tannedstamina July 16, 2008
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A word made by a Starfish who hands out words during IRC meaning "Shpox Rules".
Snoop: Fo shizzle mah weasle griggle
Freddy: Word
by Weebl April 01, 2005
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